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The Church Epistles by E. W. Bullinger


This classic and scholarly work deserves a wide circulation among the people of God, especially those who love God's Word and are hungry for deeper truth.

The Church Epistles was first published in book form in 1902 from a series of articles written in 1898. Our text is taken from the second edition, published in 1905 (some shorter footnotes have been incorporated in the text and biblical references have been modernised).

The present work appears to have taken second place to The Foundations of Dispensational Truth, first published posthumously in 1911. While Dr. Bullinger modified his teaching on the chronological order, he quotes at length from the present volume and states that "for us today... the canonical order is the more important" (page 82, third edition). Earlier on the same page he writes: "It is not that one order is right and the other wrong. Both are right; neither is wrong. Both are important, but not equally so..." He takes the same stand in How To Enjoy The Bible (1907), and this is repeated in the Companion Bible, just prior to the book of Romans and also in Appendix 192. I have not yet found any statement in his writings where he discounts the experiential teaching of the canonical order of the epistles to the seven churches.

I trust that this republication will encourage believers to study the epistles to the churches afresh, the "complete course which shall begin and finish the education of the Christian; a curriculum which contains everything necessary for the Christian's standing and his walk; the 'all truth' into which the Spirit guides him."

261 Pages Hardcover

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