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The Witness of the Stars eBook by E. W. Bullinger


E.W. Bullinger was a great scholar and student of Scripture. A descendant of J. Heinrich Bullinger, the great Swiss reformer, he wrote an amazing array of books including a critical lexicon and concordance to the Greek and English New Testament. His work on Bible numerology 'NUMBER IN SCRIPTURE' is a classic and is just another among many of his writings.

In THE WITNESS OF THE STARS he builds on Joseph Seiss's brilliant work as well as related books. While Seiss explored the historical and cultural background to the origins of the zodiac and the gospel enthroned there, Bullinger spends more time comparing the original constellation and star meanings with texts in the Old and New Testaments.

Starting with Psalm 19, he builds a solid case as to the intertwined revelations of Bible (the Word in text) and zodiac (the Word in the stars). The author goes into great detail exploring the star names in various ancient languages as well as all corresponding scripture. His case is more than convincing. The amount of ancient legendary and linguistic evidence is nothing short of amazing. If one believes in God and that He can do all things, what is so hard about believing that He can put His message...His plan, in the heavens. Even an honest skeptic will have to wonder if all of this could be coincidence. It would be impossible for this to happen by chance. It would be easier to win the lottery a thousand times in a row.

The best feature of Bullinger's book is his carefully researched word studies. Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and other languages are searched for roots and word names for certain stars. Unbelievably many cultures all had the same idea or meaning (or story) for a certain star or stars. The author seems to have tapped into an ancient memory trace where at one time humans had a more perfect knowledge of the stars, the skies, and the plan of the ages. There are stories that say that Enoch or Noah had a clear knowledge of earth's creation, design, and ultimate plan. The Bible touches on this, and other writings add confirmation such as the Chaldean creation story.

This work will open a whole new world for the believer. An amazing body of evidence exists that the heavens were designed to tell us the story of humankind on earth--a story of a fall and tragedy for generations, interrupted by a virgin born man who would suffer and atone, die, and live again, leave and return to destroy the serpent and dragon. The stars, the zodiac signs are not a negative thing as some preachers teach, but a God designed creation, evidence that will make one pause and ponder as to the plans of the unseen Mind in control of all things.

A fascinating read. Will inspire and build up even weak faith. The only drawback was the use of Roman numerals for scripture and text references. Recommended for use in apologetics, Biblical studies, ancient history, astronomy, science and religion classes (and discussions), philosophy classes, and for Sunday schools that wish to get enlightened.

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