Sunday, October 22, 2017
2 Timothy 3.
How Scripture was given.
Scripture: Child and Salvation(15).
Man and Service (17).
Scripture, graphe = written (16).
Inspire, pneuma = breathed (as in pneumatic).

2 Peter 1.
How Prophecy came.

Purpose of Prophecy:
Lamp in dark (19).
'Private interpretation' means 'own unfolding' (20).
'Moved' (21) = 'drive' in (Acts 27:15-17).
Luke 24.
The O.T. and Christ.
Moses and all Prophets (27).
Opened eyes (31).
Opened Scriptures (32).
Opened understanding (45).
Moses, Prophets, Psalms --
concerning Himself (44).
John 17
Inspired 'words' make up
'The Word'.
The words (8).
The Word (14).
Thy Word is truth (17).
Psalm 119:1-16. Nearly every verse contains a
reference to the Word and uses a
variety of titles such as 'law',
'testimonies', etc.

Questions based on Readings

2 Timothy 3.

(1) What does the word Scripture mean?
How was Scripture given?
(3) Will Scripture help a
child?  How?

2 Peter 1.

(1) What is prophecy like?
(2) How did it first come?
(3) Who is prophecy mostly about?
Luke 24.

(1) How much of the O.T. refers to Christ'?
(2) What was the effect of the opened Scriptures
     on the two disciples?
John 17.
(1) When was this prayer offered? And for
     whom did the Lord Jesus pray?
(2) What work did  He do on earth?
      And whose words did He speak?
(3) Can we understand the Word of God
     if we neglect the words He uses?
Psalm 119:1-16. (1) In what way can God's Word help us?
(2) What do these verses say about 'way' and ways?

Verses to memorize (one each week): 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21; Luke 24:27; John 17:17; Psalm 119:1.

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