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Who We Are is a Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry as well as a Fellowship Center for believers everywhere to share what The Holy Spirit has taught them.  Our goal is to build an online community and Scripture based library that reveals God's Truth, not the traditions and commandments of men. Read the Full Story
Right Division We believe the one great requirement of the Word is grounded on the fact that it is "the Word of Truth." And this fact is so stated as to imply that, unless the Word is thus rightly divided we shall not get "truth"; and that we shall get its truth only in proportion to the measure in which we divide it rightly. Read the Full Story
Truth Versus Tradition The Apostle Paul warns us about the traditions of men that are not after God as The Lord Jesus Christ Himself warned His people that their traditions were put before The Word of God.  See Mat. 15:3, Mark 7:6-13. Read the Full Story
The Great Secret Ephesians 3:9  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: This Scripture is the calling of our ministry and the Great Secret The Father wants His children to know but what the Great Secret might be is still a mystery to many.   Read the Full Story
Fellowship With Others Fellowship with like minded believers is a goal at, with over fourty one thousand different denominations it's getting more difficult to be a true believer because of the varying doctrines that surround The Faith.  By rightly dividing the Word of Truth all believers can do what God's Word commands: Read the Full Story
Believer Friends List The  social network will have a tremendous growth in membership. New members will keep coming in and at some point; it becomes harder to interact with everyone. Friend Lists or Friend Groups to the rescue! Read the Full Story
Study The WORD Today God asks us to do very little compared to days gone by.  He does not ask us to fight with metal swords nor to eat only specific foods or to observe feasts, oblations and offerings but He does ask us to study.  We believe every one who names the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord needs to study and search out The Truth from God's Perfect Word and that The Holy Spirit is in the world to comfort and guide us as we study to show ourselves approved of God. Read the Full Story
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fellowship with Others

At we are becoming of one love, one purpose, one mind. Phil. 2:2

  • Learn God's Word and Share It
  • Pray with Believers and for Believers
  • Search God's Word with Guidance
  • Invite Friends and Family to Share
  • Reach out and help Believers around the World
  • Discover His Truth for Today and Always

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