Tuesday, February 20, 2018

According To Ephesians

1. Doctrine. All Spiritual Blessings. Members are blest with every blessing that is spiritual. Where? In the heavenlies. In Whom? In Christ. Why? In harmony with the choice from before the overthrow.

Practice. All Spiritual Armor. To be put on. What is it? Girdle of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and sword of the Spirit or Word of God.

2. Doctrine. Paul's Prayer for the Saints. That they might know the hope, the inheritance, and the power. This is a matter of revelation.

Practice. Saints' Prayer for Paul. That utterance might be given him, that he might open his mouth boldly to speak the mystery, that as a prisoner in bonds, he might be bold to speak.

3. Doctrine. Mighty Power Worked in. To those who believe. Raised Christ, even to His present Headship. Note the exceeding greatness of this power.

Practice. Mighty Power Worked out. Be strong in this power. Mighty enemies. Evil day. Stand, withstand, and having worked out salvation with fear and trembling, still stand.

4. Doctrine. New Creation: its Walk. Once walked according to the course of this world. Now good works set before the member that he should walk in them.

Practice. New Creation: its Walk. Put off the old man, put on the new man created in righteousness and true holiness. Put away the lie; speak truth. Walk in love. Walk as light. Walk circumspectly.

5. Doctrine. The New Man. Once aliens to Israel's salvation. Now access to Father. Peace.

Practice. The New Man. Once alienated from the life of God. Walk not as other Gentiles walk.

6. Doctrine. Temple: Fitly Framed Together. It grows and becomes an habitation of God. Living stones make for growth. The foundation. Chief corner stone.

Practice. Body: Fitly Joined Together. Making increase. The supply. Effectual working. Edification.

7. Doctrine. Prisoner. Threefold unity. Joint heirs; joint members of a body; joint partakers of His promise in Christ. A revelation.

Practice. Prisoner. Sevenfold unity. One body; one Spirit; one hope; one Lord; one faith; one baptism; one GOd. Something to keep, not make. Not made with hands. Spiritual unity.

The reader will realize that each doctrinal item is from the first half of Ephesians, and the practical items are from the latter half. It would be a good exercise now to study these points and fill in the references for each. This will help a great deal in getting acquainted with the book and its content.

The balance of the doctrine and practice is perfect. And the balance is intimated there. There is the exhortation to walk worthy. The word worthy is axios, which is the beam on the balance or scales used in olden times. Note under each number the perfect balance.

The doctrinal section and practical section are divided from each other by the prayer in 3:14-21. This prayer is needed very much as one passes from the doctrine to the practice. The comprehension of the love of Christ is essential before going on.


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