Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The most wonderful thing in the world is the love of God. It made it possible for us to be related to God. And the term Fatherhood of God applies only to those who have been saved. Eph 2:1-8. Each child of God is a new creation because of the new nature within. But like birth itself, this is just the beginning of life and its relationships. Let us consider a few:

1. Children. The Apostle John refers to believers repeatedly as children, teknia, born ones. This is a tender and intimate term for the relation between God and believers. But the happy, normal thing is to expect growth, not just physically, but spiritually. During His earthly ministry the Lord called the apostles servants in John 13:13; friends in John 15:15; and brethren in John 20:17. The relationship became progressively more intimate. But there is another relationship found in Galatians and Romans.

2. Sons. This is the status that children grow up into and assume the responsibility for. In ancient times under the law a child was no better than the household servants, even though he was the heir apparent. If ancient Israel had understood the Law properly it would have served to teach them the true character and attributes of God and prepared them for the advent of Christ. The Law was the servant schoolmaster, but Israel failed to grow up, which was tragic.

But the greatest relationship for believers to enter into and enjoy today can be found in the Prison Epistles. This is commonly referred to as:

3. Members of His Body. Eph 5:21-33. The relationship between Christ and the Church is illustrated by marriage. The marriage relationship of spiritually minded believers illustrates the intimacy of spiritual relationship between Christ and those who have become members of His Body. In the sight of God husband and wife are reckoned as one flesh. Married believers have an unparalleled opportunity and privilege to gain spiritual insight and understanding because the marriage bond is God's object lesson and teaching device. The key word used throughout Eph 5 is love. If husbands love their wives as they should it will make it easier for the wife to obey the Word of God in submitting herself to him as the head of the home.

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